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Even once it gets started, exo-life has a tough row to hoe….

Too hot. Too cold. Or juuuuust right? Young planets aren’t so comfy for young life forms. But hey, there’s the Earth. So, score one for biology…. Turns out young planets go through all kinds of spasms and hiccups on their … Continue reading

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This is really fun (for an author) to read: a review of “Under Nameless Stars” … Google-translated from a French review site.

Here’s the original on the French blog… …which Google translates as “The Chronic Random Blog”  – which I hope the Google lingua-gnomes nailed, ’cause it’s a majorly fabulous name. Zenn Scarlett (t2) : Under Nameless Stars 6 mai 2014 · par … Continue reading

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And now: Jules, in his walksuit. You’re welcome.

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So, this book you keep going on about…. is it actually any good?

    “An exciting and worthy follow-up to Zenn Scarlett, with an assortment of loveable new characters… Under Nameless Stars was a perfect blend of action and adventure, character development and humor. Schoon once again proves how inventive he is … Continue reading

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Reading from & signing Zenn Scarlett at Barnes & Noble at the Arboretum in Austin, TX, Feb. 28th. Join us!

If you’re in the Austin area on Friday, drop by & say howdy. Starts at 7 pm, and goes till the last citizen wanders off to stand in line at the Starbucks. I’ll read a little, scribble in some books and then chat … Continue reading

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An eye-pleasuring montage of book-cover-art from Strange Chemistry. That is all.

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We Have a Winner! Yowza!

Hi all. First, thanks to EVERYONE who entered the Zenn Scarlett book giveaway with the “Name a Star” prize package. You people are grand. And the blog posts that many of you left were, frankly, inspiring and simply wonderful to … Continue reading

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Science Fiction, what HAVE you done…?

Besides writing science fiction, I’m a longtime fan and cheerleader for the field. I’ve always thought that SF was, all things considered, a “Good Thing” for people to read. It offers a fresh perspective on human/non-human nature and behavior played out … Continue reading

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Oh, the drama…

So… what’s been unveiled as the hottest-yet-coolest category of books we’d all be ever-so-sorry to miss out on this summer? According to the velvet-voiced and very bright people at National Public Radio (jazzy drum roll, please), it’s… …Young Adult Fiction, … Continue reading

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NASA astronauts implore the god Apollo to save their funding….

  Yup. It’s come to this: Today is the day for the National Planetary Exploration Car Wash & Bake Sale    OK, so it’s just a PR stunt. But the fact is, NASA’s budget is under an even bigger threat than lots … Continue reading

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