About your order of robots to go… you want mad ambulatory skills with that?

I grew up with robots that (who?) got around like humans. Or ostriches. From C-3p0 to Robby in Forbidden Planet and Lost in Space, my robots… had legs (cue ZZ Top). OK, Robby was more breadboxes with wheels, but you get the idea. Anyway, tech moneybags-with-geek-glasses Softbank just bought Boston Dynamics – maker of, yes, leggy bots. Do they see the future of bots as human-environment-friendly? “Spiral staircase? No problem-o! Allow me to carry you to your super-villain observatory on the roof, Dr. Nothankyou.” Well, maybe. Or MAYBE… it’s just the Japanese obsession with robots as plasti-flesh-wrapped humanoids. Yes. That’s a thing. You hadn’t noticed?


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