Crystal Kite Award voting now open. So…read any good exovet fiction lately?

crystal k as pngVoting for the Crystal Kite Award presented by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) is now open. Winners announced in May.
             Sooooo, if you happen to be a voting member, liked Zenn Scarlett and wanna vote for it Zenn says that in return she’ll provide exoveterinarian services for the off-world life form of your choice for an entire year. Pretty much an offer ya can’t refuse, huh?  Thanks to any who drop in a ballot for my fave red-haired exovet.    Cheers!ZennScarlett Final Cover Art
                    From the all-knowing wiki: The Crystal Kite Award  (also known as ‘Crystal Kite Members Choice Awards’) are given by the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) each year to recognize great books from the 70 SCBWI regions around the world. Along with the SCBWI Golden Kite Awards, the Crystal Kite Awards are chosen by other children’s book writers and illustrators, making them the only peer-given awards in publishing for young readers. Each SCBWI member votes for their favorite book from a nominated author in their region published in the previous year.


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“Where can I order Under Nameless Stars right now this very instant?” So glad you asked…

(Or: wanna know what you’re getting yourself into? Maybe leave a rant– I mean, review on Goodreads? Scroll down, Earther.)

Buying Info:

North American Print & Ebook | | |

COVER ART Larger Under Nameless StarsUK Print & Ebook | Book Depository | Waterstones | WHSmith

Global DRM-Free Epub Ebook Robot Trading Company

Other Books in This Series:

1. Zenn Scarlett (May 2013)

Discuss and Share:

Discuss and Review Under Nameless Stars at

Read an Extract:


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So, this book you keep going on about…. is it actually any good?

 Under Nameless Stars Tour Banner


“An exciting and worthy follow-up to Zenn Scarlett, with an assortment of loveable new characters… Under Nameless Stars was a perfect blend of action and adventure, character development and humor. Schoon once again proves how inventive he is by adding a plethora of alien critters to his story, lovingly described and fantastically imagined. Add in a hefty amount of adventure and you have a winning combination…. Zenn is truly is one of my favorite young adult characters.”—Tammy Sparks, Books, Bones & BuffyCOVER ART Larger Under Nameless Stars

“Action-packed … I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun space adventure and, of course, to anyone who enjoyed the first book.”   –Tsana Dolichva, Astrophysicist/Science fiction author, Tsana’s Reads & Reviews

“It’s like Doctor Who meets Dr. Dolittle… Schoon has really upped the ante with this book… A great sequel to one of my favourite books from last year.”   – Ryan Lawler, Goodreads

(The Zenn Scarlett) series is another unique addition to its genre: YA Sci-Fi, from Strange ChemistryAngry Robot Books. I was very impressed with the world building in this novel.  Schoon has a vivid and fascinating imagination, and his novels are absolutely overflowing with his inventive creatures and settings.” – Avid Reviews

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The physical thing arrives. Has mass. Has heft. Is a book.

counter card w zenn and uns 2

My publisher just sent me my author’s copies of Under Nameless Stars. Always so cool to have the book in yer hands. Or, in yer counter card display.

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Zenn visits Books Bones & Buffy for a chat. Plus: animal pix!

The Under Nameless Stars Blog Tour bus pulls into the spacious campus parking lot of Tammy Sparks’s hangout for an interview and some photo-bits from the Schoon farm. Join us!

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…and for those keepin’ track: the Scheduled Stops of the Under Nameles Stars Tour Bus! (OK, there’s no bus… Just a tour.)

Under Nameless Stars Tour Banner

Drop by one of the awesomepants blogs who’ve been coerced into… ermm… who’ve invited me to drop by and ramble on about Zenn Scarlett’s new adventure:

10 March: Strange Chemistry
11 March: Troubled Scribe
12 March: My Bookish Ways
13 March: On Starships & Dragonwings
14 March: YA On My Mind

17 March: Books, Bones & Buffy
18 March: Curiosity Killed the Bookworm
19 March: The AP Book Club
20 March: Supernatural Snark
21 March: This Is My World

24 March: A Dream Within A Dream
25 March: A Fantastical Librarian
26 March: Uncorked Thoughts
27 March: Working for the Mandroid
28 March: Tsana Reads

1 April: Vicky Thinks

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Feelin’ lucky? Huh? Are ya, Earther? Then enter now to “Name a Nameless Star” and win free books too!

Under Nameless Stars Tour Banner

Here’s the deal: Strange Chemistry is givin’ away my books and more to mark the launch of Zenn Scarlett’s new adventure, Under Nameless Stars. So, you’re gonna wanna enter the contest below to be in the running to win copies of Zenn Scarlett, Under Nameless Stars and a NAME YOUR OWN STAR prize package. Yup. You get to name yer own celestial body. Name a star after yourself. Your main squeeze. Your dog, cat, ferret or goldfish. Your favorite science teacher. The possibilities… are cosmic. So c’mon. Enter now. It’s easy. And that star is out there, just waiting for you to be its friend.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Hey, Earther! Read the first pages of Zenn’s new adventure: Under Nameless Stars. Clickety!

zenn PULP COVER larger cropped jpeg

OK, not the actual book cover, but just kinda retro-for-the-helluv-it.

In Zenn Scarlett, our young heroine barely survived the plot to destroy the Ciscan Cloister exoveterinary clinic where she’d hoped to complete her novice year of training. Now, instead of her usual routine of caring for the Cloister’s menagerie of alien patients, Zenn finds herself headed for the mighty starliner Helen of Troy, desperately following the trail the sinister skirni who abducted her father. To make things even more… interesting… she’s also fighting to cope with the increasingly powerful “links” she’s experiencing with the minds of alien creatures. But Zenn was raised in a house of science. She knows there’s no such thing as ESP. She also knows what’s she’s feeling is all too real. Either that, or she’s losing her mind.

Embarking on a harrowing journey into the unknown, Zenn will plunge into the dark heart of a monstrous conspiracy, encounter extraordinary new races and life forms, and have her courage and budding exovet skills tested beyond anything she ever dreamed possible. Because the answers Zenn needs to find in order to save herself and those she loves won’t be found in her familiar home valley on Mars — they wait for her in a distant and dangerous realm … Under Nameless Stars.

The new novel debuts in April. And yes, you can pre-order it at all fine online outlets and real-world book stores. But why wait?  Read an extract now:

Read and Share via

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Reading from & signing Zenn Scarlett at Barnes & Noble at the Arboretum in Austin, TX, Feb. 28th. Join us!

b&n arbor jpeg 2

B&N @ the Arboretum
10000 Research Blvd #158, Austin, Texas 78759 (512) 418-8985

If you’re in the Austin area on Friday, drop by & say howdy. Starts at 7 pm, and goes till the last citizen wanders off to stand in line at the Starbucks. I’ll read a little, scribble in some books and then chat about all things SF and exo-whatever. Afterwards, we’ll all put on our pointy-toe boots and go find us some music… I hear they have that in this town.

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Zenn’s next adventure looms… How can you tell? Blog Tour Banner!

Under Nameless Stars Tour Banner

Book two of the Zenn Scarlett series launches into the star-sequined cosmos in April. And the banner above proves it. Details on the tour stops to follow. Excited. And very. So, can you pre-order this electrifying little package of off-world wonderment right this second at your fave bookseller to avoid needless grabby-hands and suspense-related stress? Yes indeed. Clickety.

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