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Yee ha, etc. etc.

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  1. Ed Beaty says:


    Loved your Big Idea writeup, and wish you best outcomes on Zenn Scarlett. Love your farmstead and the house, too, although I’d be well loathe to put any shingles atop it. ‘o)

    I used to drive through Luverne on my way from Minneapolis to Colorado back in the day (now in Salt Lake, lived in MN for 23 years, born in Ames, IA, so I grok the territory).

    Just a note to say hey, and pet a ferret for me,


    • Christian says:

      Hey, Ed. Thanks for dropping in. Glad you liked the Big Idea thing; fun to write, tho from some of the comments I can see I needed to go deeper & lay things out a bit more (ie, yes, of course we evolved eating meat as part of our diet but we evolved to have some different opinions about the morality involved, and that’s the interesting point about it all.I’m a carnivore myself & share Dawkins’ dithering over it). Anyway, will certainly tell the ferrets you said hi. Thanks again & have a spectacular May!

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