My first novel for young adults, Zenn Scarlett, is part of a science fiction adventure series about a novice exoveterinarian caught up in a galaxy-spanning web of intrigue. It was purchased recently by Strange Chemistry/Angry Robot Books and will hit store shelves and e-reader screens in May, 2013. On this site, I’ll post about Zenn Scarlett’s progress toward eventual release into the wild, and will  probably drone on frequently about one of its key subjects — the possibility of wicked-cool alien life forms — as well as speculative fiction of all sub-types. I’ll also be likely to get into fiction writing in general and the books, other than my own, and authors and films and blogs and sites that manage to flag down the careening-around-corners-on-two-wheels Good Humor truck that is my all-too-short attention span.

Since I’m an SF fan and animal-person, I’ll also be posting about things like exobiology (and earthly biologies) and related space-and-beastly stuff. And there will almost certainly be detours into talking about the 1870′s-era farm I live on, and the abused/neglected horses and other critters my wife and I help rescue and rehab around here.

So, hang out for a while, take a look around, get comfy.