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I live in (the rural Oort Cloud-ish outer reaches of) one of the planet’s coolest cities for authors. Just sayin’…

The Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature humans are awesome humans when it comes to being the kinda humans that authors appreciate. Also: I need to get into town and pick up one of those t-shirts. That is all.

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About your order of robots to go… you want mad ambulatory skills with that?

I grew up with robots that (who?) got around like humans. Or ostriches. From C-3p0 to Robby in Forbidden Planet and Lost in Space, my robots… had legs (cue ZZ Top). OK, Robby was more breadboxes with wheels, but you … Continue reading

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U always figure ETs would be wierder than anything on Earth? This little guy begs to differ.

Meet the carnivorous sea slug that uses its huge, gelatinous head as a fishing net to catch its prey, identified as Melibe viridis. — Sofía M. Villalpando (@sofiabiologista) March 28, 2017 Meet Melibe Viridis. Tiny but terrifying. Envelops its … Continue reading

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Thanks for sharing, facebook-Dana.

Well, isn’t this special? (Yes. Yes it is. Never gets old.) FB pal Dana snapped these retro-tree-fiber-pulp specimens hanging out in ye local shoppe somewhere. Note that they’re trying to be cool-by-association with cool-kid Scalzi in the upstairs apartment….

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How do ya find a literary agent? Sometimes, they find you…

At cons or workshops where I’ve been on panels, I’m usually asked “Dude, how did you land an agent?”   (or maybe it was “Dude, how did YOU land an agent?!” but let’s not quibble). Well, there’s a site-page for that. Back when my first novel, Zenn Scarlett, was about … Continue reading

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A big ‘scope gets a power-boost, turns mirror-gaze to Alpha/Proxima Centauri system

The big-ass Very Large Telescope down in Chile gets a new pair of exo-goggles. Then, as part of the $100 million Breakthrough initiative searching for off-world life, it’ll zoom in on the could-be rocky-earth-like planet we think is orbiting Proxima Centauri, our nearest stellar neighbor. Will this give … Continue reading

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Passengers in this film get their wake-up call just a tad early…

The groggy, suspiciously attractive Passengers of this SFX extravaganza take us on a sort-of-world-ship, half-light-speed journey to a nearby star system with a habitable planet. Stasis for the travelers is the key, but things go pear-shaped when two of the ticket-holders wake up  … Continue reading

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All aboard.

Next stop: the Valles Marineris. Mind the gap.

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Even once it gets started, exo-life has a tough row to hoe….

Too hot. Too cold. Or juuuuust right? Young planets aren’t so comfy for young life forms. But hey, there’s the Earth. So, score one for biology…. Turns out young planets go through all kinds of spasms and hiccups on their … Continue reading

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Nearest exoplanet (possibly) ID’d. Yay! Do I pack my exo-bags pronto? Sci Am sez chill out ’cause: insufficient data; may not be life-friendly; red dwarf stars throw more hissy-fit tantrums than Donald Trump; and finally, P-b may not really like… exist.

Still, Proxima b COULD be all kinds of exciting, providing a comfy habitable-zone home for all your fave off-world evo-devo fantasies. But we won’t know for a goodly while, so no need to send off your order for celebratory Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters … Continue reading

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