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A big ‘scope gets a power-boost, turns mirror-gaze to Alpha/Proxima Centauri system

The big-ass Very Large Telescope down in Chile gets a new pair of exo-goggles. Then, as part of the $100 million Breakthrough initiative searching for off-world life, it’ll zoom in on the could-be rocky-earth-like planet we think is orbiting Proxima Centauri, our nearest stellar neighbor. Will this give … Continue reading

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Passengers in this film get their wake-up call just a tad early…

The groggy, suspiciously attractive Passengers of this SFX extravaganza take us on a sort-of-world-ship, half-light-speed journey to a nearby star system with a habitable planet. Stasis for the travelers is the key, but things go pear-shaped when two of the ticket-holders wake up  … Continue reading

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All aboard.

Next stop: the Valles Marineris. Mind the gap.

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Nearest exoplanet (possibly) ID’d. Yay! Do I pack my exo-bags pronto? Sci Am sez chill out ’cause: insufficient data; may not be life-friendly; red dwarf stars throw more hissy-fit tantrums than Donald Trump; and finally, P-b may not really like… exist.

Still, Proxima b COULD be all kinds of exciting, providing a comfy habitable-zone home for all your fave off-world evo-devo fantasies. But we won’t know for a goodly while, so no need to send off your order for celebratory Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters … Continue reading

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The ESO announces today what they’ve found orbiting Proxima Centauri. A new Earth right next door? Maybe could be…

Rumors say: the new guy is rocky, in the Goldilocks zone, & a mere 39.9 trillion miles away.  So, yeah, basically in our back yard.  Exo-deets to come….  

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And now: Cover art/synopsis reveal for Under Nameless Stars – Zenn’s new adventure kicks your sci-fi thrill-o-meter into the red zone. Coming April, 2014.

Zenn Scarlett’s novice year of exoveterinarian training on Mars isn’t quite going to plan… After barely surviving a plot to destroy her school and its menagerie of alien patients, could things at the Ciscan cloister get any worse? Yes, they … Continue reading

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Win Zenn Scarlett PLUS “Name Your Own Star” Gift Package! $80+ Value!

Hey, how’d you like to be able to name your very own, actual, up-in-the-sky star? Plus: have your star’s totally cool new name launched into space? Plus-extra-plus: win a print or eBook copy of Zenn Scarlett?  (That would be the new … Continue reading

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Most revealing post… ever: Zenn Scarlett Cover Art

The image for the cover of Zenn Scarlett materialized in my inbox recently. I’m seriously stoked about it. Simply… breathtaking, as in breath… taken.  A number of blogs were in on the reveal & have been dishing up some tasty … Continue reading

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NOW we’re gettin’ somewhere. Tractor beam… ENGAGED!

  OK, so don’t go and open your interplanetary tow-truck service just yet. But this is still some pretty cool tech. The lab-coated humanoids at Scotland’s University of St Andrews  (pretty sure Scotty’s lineage was in on this) and the Institute of Scientific … Continue reading

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17 billion earth-size planets in the Milky Way galaxy. Cheers, 2013!

Some juicy numbers to start the new year with, courtesy of the Kepler planet-sniffing satellite, which is doing a great job, exceeding expectations and deserves a raise. Recent data sez Kep has found reasonable evidence for no less than 461 … Continue reading

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