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Passengers in this film get their wake-up call just a tad early…

The groggy, suspiciously attractive Passengers of this SFX extravaganza take us on a sort-of-world-ship, half-light-speed journey to a nearby star system with a habitable planet. Stasis for the travelers is the key, but things go pear-shaped when two of the ticket-holders wake up  … Continue reading

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Very good-to-simply-fab news for my fellow Strange Chemistry author, Gwenda Bond. Her recently published YA para-thriller Blackwood just got picked up for development by MTV via Kelsey Grammer’s production company. Couldn’ta happened to a cooler scribe. Check out the deal: MTV … Continue reading

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Cast members of this show in it for the long run. Long as in pretty much forever.

    A Dutch company has been formed to send volunteers to establish a settlement on Mars by the year 2023.  The company’s recent press releases inform us that the colonists’ adventure would be filmed and broadcast back to Earth … Continue reading

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Ridley’s SF Re-boot: Promethean… or what?

OK, first thing: Ridley Scott’s original Alien is one of my all-time favorite pieces of film-making, from the direction, to the script, to the casting, to the acting, to H. R. Giger’s uber-innovative art direction and genre-defining ship-and-alien-concepts/designs. The Nostromo was … Continue reading

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