We ALL want to meet advanced, hyper-wise alien space-dolphins wearing walksuits, right? I do! But some people, not so much….

jules color w nameHope we find extraterrestrial life? Are you SURE you wanna go there? Personally, I’ve always looked forward to the day that SETI announces the BIG SIGNAL or whatever sort of answer we get from Great Out-There. But some thinkers think it would be a really bad thing for humanity’s future if we find so much as a non-Earthly bacteria buried under Martian sands or in Europa’s under-ice oceans. And much worse if we find intelligent life somewhere. Nick Bostrom is one of those very smart people who say we better be pretty freakin’ careful what we wish for. And this has zero to do w/ aggressive aliens wielding superweapons and a lust for Earth’s resources, etc. Nope. Has to do with a concept known as the Great Filter; i.e, something that occurs in our long-term past or is likely to occur up ahead of us that’s capable of weeding us, or any evolving species, right out of the universe.  Click thru to see where Nick makes his case: http://www.nickbostrom.com/extraterrestrial.pdf

And it’s a damn good case, but I still want to find off-world life. Humanity’s future will just have to take care of itself…. because: dolphins! In walksuits!

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